Ralph Hubbard, ASA
(818) 384-1940      





Appraisers of Modern and Collectible Automobiles:

Rental Car Companies and Automobile Dealerships



Specialization: Litigation support and valuation research of collectible and modern modes of transportation for law firms, corporations, rental car companies, automobile dealerships, private collectors, insurance companies and fiduciaries. Knowledge of the market based on extensive study and participation in sales transactions, auctions, settlement disputes and litigation matters involving various modes of transportation. Knowledge of the collectible car market based on being an automobile collector, historian, chief concours judge and membership in numerous antique car clubs.  Have appraised over two thousand automobiles as well as private automobile collections valued to $15 million and individual automobiles valued to $5 million.


American Society of Appraisers (A.S.A.)


Accredited Senior Appraiser

Senior Member, A.S.A.


Board Certified and tested in Personal Property/Classified Specialties - Automotive Group. Active member of the National Automotive Appraisal Group, A.S.A.  Lecturer at the annual Automobile Appraisers Seminar held in Scottsdale , Arizona for automotive appraisers. Tested and successfully passed A.S.A. Code of Ethics Examination and Automotive Classified Specialties Advancement Examination in personal property. Successfully completed examination requirements and all four level courses for Accredited Senior Appraiser designation.  Chairman Personal Property Committee, 1990/1991; Chairman Board of Examiners, 1996/1997; President 2001/2002, Los Angeles Chapter American Society of Appraisers.  Certified and tested in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, as set forth by the Appraisal Foundation, Washington , D.C.   Certificate of training, required for automobile appraisers by California Insurance Code Section 2695, California Fair Claims Settlement Practice Regulations.



Reg. 1.170 A-13 and publication 561, April 2007

Have successfully fulfilled the requirements of a “Qualified Appraiser” as stated in the above captioned regulation/publications which includes:

1.         Appraisal designation from a recognized professional appraisal

organization (A.S.A.)

2.         Regularly performs appraisals for compensation.

3.         Successfully completed college or professional-level coursework

that is relevant to property being valued (A.S.A. course study I, II,

III , IV certificates of successful completion and college degree on file).



Testified in both civil and criminal judicial proceedings and have been qualified as an expert witness as it relates to valuation of automobiles, rental car companies and automobile dealerships.  Fifteen years experience in testifying before governing bodies, such as commissions and councils. Twenty years experience serving as an arbitrator and umpire at arbitration hearings in matters relevant to valuation of automobiles/insurance settlement disputes.



Amassed large collection of automotive sales brochures dating back to 1900; collected several complete sets of automotive periodicals relating to current day, antique, classic and special interest automobiles during the past 50 years; collected monthly periodicals in which classic, antique and special interest automobiles are advertised for sale.  Library includes many automotive books which have been out of print for years.  Contributor to the Ford Motor Company Archives, Petersen Automobile Museum , Los Angeles , California , and Thomas Edison Institute, Dearborn , Michigan .



Guest speaker, Petersen Automobile Museum , Los Angeles , California “How to Appraise Automobiles Worth Over One Million Dollars.”  Achieved status of Chief Judge, Master Judge, Deputy Judge - have judged and supervised judging (up to 130 judges) at various concours auto shows.  Participated and assisted in the development of National Judging Seminar held at Ford Motor Company, Dearborn , Michigan . Conducted seminars on collecting and restoring automobiles.  National President, Early Ford V-8 Club of America , 1981; Chairperson National Judging Standards Committee, 1989-90.  Vice President, Early Ford V-8 Foundation 1998.



Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers, 1991 to present

Advisory Board of Nat'l Automobile Dealers Assoc. Antique & Classic Value Guide, 2000-2004

Member, Appraisal Foundation, Washington DC , 1988 to present

Advisory Board, Huntington Collection, Pasadena, California, 2000-2003

Member, Association of California Car Clubs, 1972 to present

Trustee, Pasadena History Museum, 1989-1991

Member, Society of Automobile Historians, 1994 to present

Petersen Automobile Museum , Designated Appraiser, 1992 to present

Member, Classic Car Club of America, 1967 to present



University of Southern California

B.A. Degree University of Redlands

Post Graduate Work, Valuation Science Courses, A.S